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GeminusThe graphics enhancement software for Iyonix PC
DeskDebugThe first RISC OS multi-tasking debugger

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Note: Our software is dynamically built for a specific machine. We use the unique ID of the computer which is stored on a chip on the motherboard

You can use this small utility to find your unique ID. Save the file to your hard disc, and decompress it using Spark or similar decompression tool. Run the "readmac" program it contains and enter the string it gives you in the field(s) above

On the IYONIX pc, this ID is also the MAC or Ethernet address which you can find by opening a task window or pressing F12 and typing *EKINFO. The MAC address is the 12-digit string labelled as "Ethernet address".

Please double check you have entered the correct machine ID - your software will not work if its incorrect