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The first RISC OS multi-tasking debugger demo version
DeskDebug demo
DeskDebug has the following features:

  • Single step through WIMP applications
  • Single step through re-draw and message handlers - without impacting other desktop apps!
  • Single step by ARM instruction or source statement
  • ARM & FPU register display
  • Disassembler and source listing display
  • C procedure context/stack display
  • Breakpoints
  • Symbols table display
  • C procedures and variable list
  • Memory contents display
  • Friendly error trapping

The demo version is fully functional apart from being restricted to the test application provided, and will expire after approximately 2 weeks.

Latest version: 1.09
Compatibility :
RISC OS 3.1Not RISC OS 3.1 compatible Not compatible
RISC OS 3.5RISC OS 3.5 compatible Compatible
RISC OS 4RISC OS 4 compatible Compatible
RISC OS SelectRISC OS Select compatible Compatible
IyonixIyonix compatible Compatible
A9HomeA9Home compatible Compatible
Cortex A8/A9 (BeagleBoard, PandaBoard, ARMini)Not Cortex A8/A9 (BeagleBoard, PandaBoard, ARMini) compatible Not compatible
Raspberry PiNot Raspberry Pi compatible Not compatible
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